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Participate in the Grand Parade 2023

Grand Parade Registration September 9, 2023.

Enter yourself, your club, group or school in the Parade

The information collected is to assist with the Grand Parade application process and management of the Town Fair. Further details about how we use your personal information are provided at the end of this form and on our website.

Registrations close on Friday, 1 September 2023 at 23:59


Please describe your group, e.g. 1 float with parents walking alongside. e.g. We have a float with 2 teachers and three children on the top and will have 15 children walking alongside.
Example if the float represents a ABC Child Care Centre:
The next float depicts a colorful and vibrant playland, showcasing the joy and wonder of childhood. It features interactive elements such as a miniature playground, a giant puzzle, and a sandbox where children can play during the parade. ABC Child Care Center have been serving the community for over 10 years, offering high-quality child care and early education programs for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. They believe in fostering a love for learning through age-appropriate activities, creative play, and a curriculum designed to promote cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Their experienced and caring staff members are trained in early childhood education and provide a safe and supportive atmosphere where children can explore, discover, and build friendships. They prioritise the individual needs and interests of each child, tailoring their programs to promote the child's unique development milestones. With a focus on learning through play, they offer a range of activities, including arts and crafts, music and movement, storytime, and outdoor play. They are located at ........................................


1. am aware and acknowledge that participating at the Diamond Creek Rotary Spring Fair involves inherent risks, including the risk of injury to life or death and damage to property and in undertaking such activities, I do so at my own risk.
2. I am also aware that it is a condition of participation Diamond Creek Rotary Spring Fair) that Rotary, its officers and employees, agents and volunteers are released by me from all liability howsoever arising from injury or damage to both property and person howsoever caused (whether fatal or otherwise) arising out of my participation in the Event whether or not such injury or damage is due to any negligent act, breach of duty, default and/or omission on the part of Rotary, its officers and employees, agents or volunteers.
3. I indemnify Rotary, its officers and employees, agents and volunteers against all loss, damage and expenses (including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis) arising out of or in connection with any claims, actions, proceedings or demands of any kind arising directly or indirectly as a consequence of my participation in the Event.
4. I acknowledge and agree that my participation in the Event is as a consequence of my own free will and desire and that I have read and understood the above warning, release and indemnity.
5. I warrant that I am 18 years of age or older and am lawfully able to enter into this above release and indemnity or, in the event that I am a minor, I have the permission of my legal guardian to participate in the Event and that my legal guardian has agreed to adhere to the terms of the indemnity below.
holding any photograph or video footage of me throughout the duration of Town Fair participation and to use in any promotional material including: Marketing collateral (brochures / reports) Print and online media (newspapers, magazines, blogs, news sites) Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and the Rotary Club of Diamond Creek Inc websites, promotional videos.
Please read this information carefully. If you do not understand any aspect, please contact the Town Fair Secretary on dcrotarytownfairsecretary@gmail.com
1. The Diamond Creek Rotary Spring Town Fair organising committee’s first priority is ensuring of the safety of all spectators, volunteers, participants and committee members during the Diamond Creek Rotary Spring Town Fair Grand Parade. Additionally, Victoria Police and the Parade Marshals will conduct ongoing monitoring to ensure of compliance with the Parade Rules and Regulation and all Victorian Regulations and Municipal Bylaws. Any entrant not conforming to the regulations and requirements or any entrant refusing to follow instructions of the police or parade marshal may be removed from the parade.
2. In order to receive approval to participate in the Grand Parade all applicants must sign the waiver form and the application form acknowledging compliance with the Grand Parade Participation and Float Rules and regulations.
3. Parade applicants will receive written notice (email) of approval to participate in the Grand Parade once the application has been reviewed and deemed acceptable. The Grand Fair Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse any application or participant.
4. An approved applicant may be refused entry into the Grand Parade should the entry not meet the Grand Parade Participation and Float Rules and regulations or differ from its approved entry form.
5. No entry may depict anything, controversial, sexually obscene, lewd, vulgar, indecent or otherwise offensive. Determination is at the sole discretion of the Grand Fair Committee. The Grand Fair Committee also reserves the right to remove any and all participants from the Grand Parade who are deemed to be disrespectful, uncooperative and in non-compliance with these Rules and Regulations.
6. All regulations required under the Traffic Act must be adhered to, and drivers/owners of any vehicle must observe all lawful commands of members of the Victoria Police Force or Rotary Marshals. All vehicles should be registered, roadworthy and driven by an appropriately licenced driver. Every care must be taken by vehicle drivers to ensure the safety of the public and any person travelling on the vehicle. Every Grand Parade Vehicle / Float entry is required to have their own safety personnel accompanying their float along the parade route. One safety person on each side of the entry is recommended for the duration of the parade.
7. Any entrants of horses and/or live animals require a clean-up person directly behind the parade entry.
8. All individuals participating in the Grand Parade do so at their own risk. The Diamond Creek Rotary Spring Town Fair organisers do not accept responsibility for injuries sustained by or to participants. Strong, sturdy footwear is recommended for participants walking in the parade.
9. Children walking as a group MUST be accompanied by a supervising Adult. (Over 18) 9. Parade Pace: All entries must be willing and sufficiently physically fit to maintain both the parade pace (4kph = 60mtrs/min) and spacing (1 to 2 car lengths between groups) to prevent large gaps between entries as instructed by the ‘Parade Pacers’.
10. Vehicle / Floats shall be capable of maintaining a minimum speed of 4kph.
11. There will be no premature exiting of the parade route. All groups must follow Parade Marshals instructions and directions throughout the parade route.
12. If participants will be standing on a float at any time during the parade, a safety rail, not less than 900mm at its lowest point must be provided. The handrail may be subject to inspection by Council staff before the parade commences. Children on floats must be supervised by an Adult.
13. No participant shall get on or off a moving float and must be safely seated away from the sides of the float or other fall hazards.
14. There shall be no naked flames used on any float.
15. Where used, generators shall be securely mounted on the vehicle clear of any combustible material or passengers.
16. There shall be no sharp or unfinished edges exposed.
17. There shall be no BALLOONS, glass, noisy or dangerous items used in any way.
18. If a float breaks down during the parade the participants shall try to minimise disruption to the parade and shall be assisted by Parade Marshals to leave the parade.
19. Floats that make a recovery shall be allowed to re-join the parade under the direction of the Parade Marshals.
20. All Vehicle / Floats after having completed the parade route, will disperse in the assigned dispersal area. It is imperative the Parade Marshal’s directions are followed.
21. Each entry or float shall designate one contact person and one alternate contact person and one or both of these people must be available on the day.
22. The designated contact on the day shall ensure that all participants or all float participants comply with the parade and float rules.
23. No objects may be thrown, handed or tossed by anyone from any float or by any float participant at any time during the parade.
24. Nothing shall be done to encourage or entice children or parade spectators into the street or the parade route.
25. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic drinks is prohibited.
26. Any matter of safety not covered in these rules may be reviewed and required to be corrected. Matters considered hazardous to the extent that they may pose a risk to the participants or public shall be corrected. Failure to correct the hazard identified may result in the removal of the float from the parade.
27. Rotary Club of Diamond Creek Inc and the Diamond Creek Rotary Spring Town Fair organising committee reserves the right to use any or all digital images, photographs and audio recordings for promotional purposes and shall not be held liable for displaying images on any social media.
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